Phe Reds

Phe Reds is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Seattle. He joined the military after he turned 18 and had a hard time adjusting to the lifestyle. He found his escape from the rough times by singing and bboying. 

A year before leaving the military, Phe set his eyes on a singing career, and began going to various singing auditions to gain experience and studying music in college. 

In 2016, Phe was performing for close friends and family, and by 2018 he was performing for crowds up to 1200 people. 

Phe also had the rare opportunity to perform in front of former vice president Al Gore and other notable figures in 2008 at 24 Hours of Reality event.

Additionally, with H1GHR MUSIC and other Korean producers, he released singles on 23rd of every month from August to December, 2019, and received a lot of love from Korean fans with his unique voice.

Phe Reds는 시애틀 출신의 가수이자 작곡가, 프로듀서이다. 

18세가 된 후 군대에 입대하며 겪은 힘든 시간을 노래와 비보잉으로 극복하며 제대 전 아티스트로서가 되고자 하는 꿈을 본격적으로 이루기 위해 다양한 오디션에 참여했다고 한다. 

이후 2016년에 Phe Reds는 친한 친구들과 가족을 위한 공연에서 2018년에는 1200여명의 관중이 모인 무대에서 공연을 했다. 

또한 그는 H1GHR MUSIC과, 국내 프로듀서들과 함께 2019년 8월부터 12월까지 매 달 23일에 그의 목소리와 이야기가 담긴 싱글들을 발매하며 특유의 오묘한 감성을 담은 곡들로 국내 팬들에게도 많은 사랑을 받았다.